Benefits Of Running In The Morning – 8 Reasons Why You Should Opt For Mornings

If there’s one thing you should prioritize in this life, is your health. You should make sure you’re eating well, taking care of your physical as well as mental health, and make sure you’re living a life you’re proud of, and becoming a self you’re proud of.

One of the ways you can take care of both your physical as well as mental health simultaneously is not only a healthy diet but also regular exercise. That’s why many people take to exercising on a daily basis. That is to say, some of them decide to hit the gym, others opt for outdoor exercises such as running.

Research suggests that many experts think that our bodies are shaped the way they’re shaped because we have evolved to be effective endurance runners. Meaning, the shapes of our feet, hips, the length of our legs, our shock-absorbing spinal discs, and our ability to sweat have made it possible for us to run great lengths.

On a 24-hour day, there are plenty of possibilities of finding time to exercise. Some like to wake up first thing in the morning and start the day with a morning run. Others might choose to run in the evening. It all depends.

What are the benefits of running in the morning?

Running has a large number of benefits. It improves aerobic fitness and it’s also a great way that helps in improving cardiovascular health. It’s important to note that running also has many psychological benefits. It not only keeps you in shape but it’s also said to make you happier and boost one’s confidence. It benefits to heart health, lungs, joints and muscles, and more. However, it doesn’t matter at what time of the day you engage in running, but there are quite a few advantages and benefits of running in the morning, such as:

1. It’s easier to commit to

Running in the morning can be much easier to commit to. That is to say when you wake up in the morning, it’s easier to make yourself go for a run than it is at the end of the day when you’re all tired from work. And of course, you can get this task out of the way in the morning, feel good, and then proceed with the day.

2. The beauty of your surroundings

In the morning, everything seems calmer and prettier. There aren’t many people around and the whole environment has a soothing sound. You can listen to the birds and have the free music of mother nature while you keep yourself healthy and in shape.

3. Perfect lighting

Running in the morning has its advantages since later on it can be too hot, and well when the sun sets, it can get too dark. So, mornings tend to be ideal.

4. Helps you sleep better

According to research, exercising during the evening can give you an energy boost and therefore tends to make you restless during the night. However, if your exercise in the morning, that energy will be lost when you decide to sleep for the night.

5. It can be more convenient

Running in the morning can be more convenient since if your working schedule is flexible, or you find yourself working long hours, then this is the best way you can include running into your routine. This way you can be consistent with your exercise.

6. Relieves stress

Running is said to be able to function as stress relief. It takes the mind off the pressures of daily life, and according to the personal trainer, Christian Finn, it would be best to get cardio out of the way in the morning. It will give the feeling of being one step closer to your goals and helps you keep a positive mood throughout the day.

7. Brain Booster

According to research, exercise tends to raise mental keenness for up to 10 hours after the workout. That is to say, getting that brain boost early in the morning would be quite more beneficial than in the evening when you plan to go to sleep afterward.

8. Lowers blood pressure

According to Dr. Scott Collier at Appalachian State University, exercising early in the morning can affect your blood pressure positively. Meaning, if your blood pressure is towards the high side, then early morning runs can have positive benefits to your health.

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