7 DIY Hair Masks That Will Actually Work

Whether it’s damage, dryness, flakes, frizz, or fading, we all run into hair issues. The change in seasons, indoor heat, outdoor elements, and hot hair tools are only some of the culprits that can cause these changes. Luckily, you don’t have to hit the store or add yet another beauty product to your Amazon cart: You can head straight to your pantry for everyday ingredients that you can whip into a DIY hair mask to fix your mane.

Below, we’ve compiled the best 7 DIY masks for all of your biggest hair woes, from an irritated scalp to dull hair, to damage and dryness. Shiny, lustrous hair is only a mask away — and you never even have to leave the house.

  1. Honey, egg, and apple cider vinegar mask
  2. Coconut oil, sugar, and essential oil mask
  3. Honey, ACV, and coconut oil mask
  4. Cinnamon and coconut oil mask
  5. Green tea and apple cider vinegar rinse
  6. Egg white and lemon mask
  7. Avocado, egg, and olive oil mask

Source: goodhousekeeping