15 Adorable Short Nails Designs To Try This Winter

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Isn’t it true that you don’t like having your nails done? But, lately, you’ve been feeling the urge to pamper yourself as well, haven’t you? I understand how you feel. It’s the ideal time to schedule a visit to the nail salon. Don’t worry if your nails are short! You’ll be astonished at how many short nail styles are available. If you’ve been looking for ideas on the internet, you can stop right here since we’ve got you covered. You’ll find a variety of short nail designs here. Warning! Choosing a preferred design will be difficult.

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1. The Classic

Well… Now, this must be my all-time favorite nail design. If your mind is telling you: “Nah!! This looks better in long nails”. I suggest you think again! It’s simple, soft, and tidy. Just the perfect design to begin the nail art journey.

2. Floral Design
If you want your nails to catch your friends’ attention, go for a more unique design. When you spread the daisies across your fingers, it seems like you’re holding a beautiful garden in your hands.

3. Cobalt Blue Insight
Deep cobalt blue, white and nude! A perfect nail design for short nails and we tell you – it’s for every occasion!

4. Accented Nude Short Nails
Minimal nail art could be a wonderful place to start. But it doesn’t mean you can’t add a splash of your favorite color to make your nails look more appealing.

5. White and Rose Gold
Such a cute design for short nails! The combination of rose gold and white nail polish looks phenomenal.

6. Textured Nail Design
Strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla make such a stunning nail design for short nails. What’s making this design even prettier is the combination of matte and shiny polishes.

7. Cranberry and Gold Short Nail Design
Tips colored in rich cranberry red and sparkling gold look just great.

8. Galaxy on Nude
Do you want to try galaxy nails? How about stars, moon, and a bit of stardust trickle along with the tips?

9. Triangle Nail Art
Nude polish and black-painted triangles make such a unique choice.

10. Sparkling Rose
Rose gold glitter, nude polish, and the little design on the right ring finger make a great combination.

11. Matte and Conservative Short Nail Design
Colorful matte nail colors and little symbols or emojis will for sure make those around you admire your nails. The harmony between colors is just perfect…

12. Blue-Eyed Short Nail Art
This bright blue eyes design is so interesting. ‘Staring Nails’ mode on, all the time.

13. Dots and Lines Design for Short Nails
With a line here and a few dots there you’ll have an amazing manicure that is sure to attract attention.

14. Mini Hearts
Nude or light pink nails with a single tiny heart look simple and very sweet. The placement of mini hearts in different spots gives the impression of sweet chaos.

15. Classic Hand-Painted Flower
If you want your nails to look natural, but also have a lovely touch, you may choose a hand-painted floral design. This would be the perfect design to match your taste.

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