You Never Knew These Simple Hairstyles

There are days when you wake up and feel as if everything is off. Everything…your hair, your clothes, how you stand in the mirror…everything. But don’t get caught up in it! There are hair hacks for every bad hair day: braiding hair at night after spritzing it with water, or even using eyeshadow to make hair locks bright, there’s a style for every mood.

To achieve remarkable results, all you need are some common household goods or beauty products. Don’t you think a scroll on creativity and hairstyles would be interesting?

It’s time to step up your hair game with these brilliant hair hacks!

1. Temporary hair dyeing

Dying your hair is a risky option, especially when you desire three different colors! If you want a quick test, go over your hair with your preferred colors and apply vibrant makeup hues.

Temporary hair dyeing

2. Hair defusing hack

Blow dryer diffusers tend to disappear every time, no matter what! If you don’t have one at home, but desperately need it, I bet you have a kitchen strainer sitting in your drawers. Get that and act like it’s the best diffuser you’ve ever had!

Hair defusing hack

3. Hair curling

There are a variety of hair curling techniques available, both with and without heat. However, if you want really defined curls, wrapping thin hair sections around bobby pins, letting it sit for the night, then undoing it the next day is the way to go!

Hair curling

4. Floral hairband

Do you have a broken hair metal hairband lying around your room? Let’s add some color to it by gluing down some plastic flowers. Use the colors and forms that appeal to you the most!

Floral hair band

5. DIY hair bow

We can’t forget about DIY hair bows, which offer a touch of class to any adorable hairstyle, particularly for kids. Bring some wooden sticks all organized into cardboard and then pull the ribbon through each one in turn (don’t forget to secure with clothespins) to make a bow like this. Finally, gather the ends and bind them together in the middle. After removing the cardboard, pins, and sticks, you’ll have a gorgeous bow!

DIY bow

Hope you enjoyed these little hair hacks, and watch some more in the video above to get all the inspiration you need!