For Special Occasions, Elegant Up-dos

Some unique occasions necessitate dressing as elegantly as possible. Let’s face it: if you want to amp up the edge or elegance of your style, elegant up-dos are the way to go!

Up-dos, of course, are not only attractive, but they also make you feel quite comfortable and can help you look effortlessly stylish. What’s the nicest thing about up-dos, anyway? You can make them precisely at home with a little practice. You can even hire someone who isn’t a professional to do it for you!

We’ve compiled two exquisite and trendy hairstyle ideas for you to look amazing at your next formal event in this scroll!

1. Twisted Bun Up-do

On natural straight hair, the initial hairstyle is a twisted bun-up-do. It has a smooth finish that leaves no flyaways. It’s ideal if you want to keep your hair out of your face for the duration of the evening! Twisted Bun Up-do

How to:

1. Separate the hair into two big sections!

2. Add the hair donut, pulling the hair through the hole, and secure with a hair tie.

3. Get the hair towards one side and secure it with bobby pins!

4. Get small hairpieces, divide them into two and start twisting all the way down!

5. Pull the hair back a little, take strands all the way to the other side, and lastly secure with a bobby pin.

6. Repeat the same until there’s no more hair left and cover the bun with hair!

2. Dutch braid elegant up-do

The second hairstyle is a Dutch braid bun. You can accessorize it with hairpieces of your choice to bring details to life.

 Dutch braid  elegant up-do

How to:

1. Grab two small hair sections from both sides and secure with an elastic tie leaving the rest of the hair down!

2. Get the rest of the hair and pull through the two sections of hair at one side.

3. Start doing a Dutch braid all the way down!

4. Grab the braid and secure at the bottom part.

5. Add hair accessories to make it extra beautiful and elegant!

When you need to look professional in little to no time, these elegant up-dos are the ones to go for!