I Want To Look Like A Real Life Bratz Doll And Get My 27th Round Of Filler For Christmas

A WOMAN who wants to look like a real-life Bratz doll is getting her 27th round of lip filler just in time for the holidays.

Andrea Ivanova, a 24-year-old Bulgarian woman from Sofia, is on a mission to have the world’s largest lips.

Andrea Ivanova is on a mission to have the biggest lips in the world

Andrea has forked out thousands on her lips since 2018

Since 2018, the Barbie devotee has had over 20 rounds of injections, spending thousands of dollars on her lips.
Andrea, from Sofia, Bulgaria, recently underwent a face lengthening and contouring treatment to change the appearance of her chin and jawline, which cost her roughly £500. Andrea’s efforts to look like a Bratz doll will continue with further plastic surgery to contour and enhance her cheekbones. Andrea had previously grown the size of her breasts from a 75C to a 75E cup, but now wants to increase them to a H cup. Her huge lips have not only boosted her self-esteem, but they’ve also drew the attention of thousands of Instagram followers.

Andrea said: “Many men from all over the world write to me on my social media networks offering me money, trips and inviting me to meetings all the time.”

Andrea’s doctor, on the other hand, has advised her to pay alert to any pain in her lips because future treatments could be “fatal.” Andrea is unconcerned about her lips “bursting” despite receiving so many injections, each of which costs about £200 “in the future Andrea claims she can’t get enough of the acid jabs, despite the difficulties she confronts on a daily basis as a result of her large lips, such as eating.

“I like them a lot and they make my lips feel a lot better,” she says “she remarked

“I’ll be doing the new lip and cheek augmentation operations very soon.”

Andrea’s fans are huge supporters of her appearance, with many of them asking her to undergo cosmetic treatments.

One person said: “When will you plum them more?”

Another wrote: “My favourite lips.”

A third said: “You are gorgeous, a total babe!”

A fourth told Andrea she has the “world’s best lips”.